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March Newsletter: Just go do it!

Oops! I did not send out a March newsletter in time, I am sorry folks! The past two months have been pretty hectic, as is often the case in the late winter months. I've realized over the past couple of years that I really, really, really need my routine to function properly and stay focused. Vacations, holidays, seasons of sickness (late winter), extreme waking daylight changes.... all these tend to leave me a bit, or a lot, more stressed and, as a result, out of focus. I've recently learned that this is an autism and ADHD thing, and to know helps me manage. I'll talk about that more later.

In this newsletter I'm just gonna ask you a few questions to get you thinking. Lets dive in:

  • Do you wish you could be more creative, talented, productive as an artist?

  • Do you believe you might just lack that "spark" that you see in "real creative people"?

  • Do you think you just might not have what it takes to make it?

  • Do you feel you are just way to late, way to old to learn and make art?

  • Do you feel you have let your creative side down and don't deserve to start again or continue?

If you find yourself asking some or all these questions, then we have a lot in common! These are ALL questions I ask my self regularly. I have asked them for over 30 years. Now,10 years into my art career that I chose to follow at 40, I am still asking them. I know and understand that a person shouldn't second guess themselves, they shouldn't "think like that". But how much control do we have over your thoughts, really?

I believe questions like these are very natural to ask. They might stem from fear, of not being good enough, not being allowed or some other reason but they are most likely a bi-product of low self esteem. The bottom line is that they are manageable!

Here is a thought. When you feel yourself overwhelmed by questions like these, try this. Juust go ahead and do it, go be creative! Your mind will always try to play tricks on you. Let it think away.... but go do the work despite that.

Remember this⬇️

  • No one cam stop you doing art, except yourself!

  • Permission to make art can only be granted by you!

  • If you want to do it, then go do it, whatever way you want!

  • If it does not come out the way you want it to, then welcome to the club and just carry on!

  • If you like doing it, it doesn't matter what others think!

  • Taking a break is not the same as stopping!

  • Just don't stop, if you love it!

I'd like to recommend a fantastic book to read:

I read it on a regular basis and I think it has a lot to say for anyone, whether you're a outed creative or a closeted one (we are all creatives by the way). As a matter of fact, I better go read it again now :D

I hope you have gained something from this read, at least seeing a bunch of cute tree creatures. If you want to be creative, or are a creative but something is stopping you.... then just go do it!

That's it for now!

Until next time, be safe and carry on dreaming ❤



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May 04
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Love the tree creatures, and also the positive encouragement - takk!

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Thank you for reading❤️


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