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On going back to school at 39

It's been 8 year since I went back to school to study computer graphics. This was a huge step, leaving an established career in police service and public administration, going into the unknown..... and getting very close to 40 to!

To celebrate this here is one of the first models I made at school, all in the wonderful tool, Maya! Look at all those polygons and wonky light effects😁 This is the first modelling project where we got to decide our own concept of a building. I still remember how much of a revelation this was, to create something new in 3D.

I hadn't been long in school when realizing that working in this realm, with this technology, was something I fell into naturally and enjoyed like nothing I'd done before (except drawing). Just the right blend of logic and creativity.

This leap of faith, going back to school, has landed me in an amazing industry, game development. Although my training was in 3D computer graphics I entered as a concept artist, an extremely lucky opportunity, I realize now. Concept art is one if the most challenging and sought after jobs in games, so....lucky me! I have however in no way lost my passion for 3D graphics and as a concept artist I benefit greatly from that training and background.

As for entering the gaming industry as a "junior" newcomer over 40 years old, that was not at all easy and now, about 4 years in, it still isn't. I wouldn't be doing it if I hadn't fallen in love with the work, the process and the people.

Until next time, be safe and carry on dreaming ❤



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