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I am Heida Rafnsdottir and I work as a concept artist, visual developer and illustrator in Iceland. Since 2018 I’ve been a concept artist at Parity, a small game studio in Iceland, creating the IP for the upcoming game Island of Winds. I've also illustrated for publishing since 2015.

My specialty is imagining new worlds through world building and by conjuring up new ways to think about ideas. My varied professional and educational background has provided me with many different lenses to look through while searching for visual inspiration and stories. My background, paired with my passion for the craft, for ideas and for logical analysis, makes my approach to creating unique. 

I was born in Iceland and raised in small villages on the opposite shores of the country, Seyðisfjörður and Sandgerði. Currently I live in the capital region, with my red-gray bearded husband, my two teenage children and two senior tom cat brothers. 

For more information on my work and experience visit my LinkedIn profile or contact me on this site:

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