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The beauty of dedicated practice!

Hi and welcome!

For my second blog I would like to tell you a little bit about what I've been focusing on the past two years, or since my graduation from the Reykjavik Academy of Digital Entertainment or RADE.

In 2015 I graduated from RADE where I learned about 3D art creation, computer game design, compositing, visual effects and website programming....Phew! It was hard work but I had a wonderful time! I'll tell you all about it later.

After graduation I wanted to focus on advancing my skills....with the goal of being able to create quality work. For the first year I was very conflicted about where to focus my training and time...on 2D or 3D? I have always loved drawing and painting but studying at RADE introduced me to 3D art creation for film, animation and computer games and I fell in love with that field too!

The fields of 2D and 3D art creation are related but training well in either of them, technically and cognitively, takes great dedication and time. I had to choose and chose to focus on my 2D art skills, or core fine arts skills. These skills are crucial for anyone wanting to create good illustrations as well as digital artwork, be it 2D or 3D. That fact is the main reason I chose this path, also I simply love drawing and painting all day. The more I do it the harder it seems to stop!

So I've dedicated my time to drawing and painting, studying line quality, perspective, sketching techniques, rules of composition, light and values, color theory etc. I was able to attend three art classes last year which where extremely helpful. One, a live drawing class at Myndlistaskóli Kópavogs and two online classes in perspective and sketching at the CG Master Academy or CGMA. I must recommend CGMA! Their classes were immensely helpful, particularly Dynamic Sketching 01, tutored by Patrick Ballesteros! If you are on the lookout for effective classes that push your boundaries, this is something for you!

It is a fantastic feeling when you see that your time and dedicated practice are paying of in your drawing! That is what I am seeing today. My goal is simply to be able to draw and paint everything I want, whatever I see inside and outside my head and whatever anyone asks me to :) Simply put, to be able to create art I am proud of!

Thanks so much for looking in!


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