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I love drawing

Live drawing - whelk

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and my favorite art tools are pencil and paper. This is where I feel most comfortable and creative.

Character design

Most kids love drawing but unfortunately many stop when they get older. I'm one of the fortunate ones that was encouraged to carry on, both at school and at home. However I think I would not have stopped, given little or no encouragement. Drawing was extremely important to me, especially in class. It calmed my mind and helped me stay focused during my long, long time of schooling that did not have much to do with art or creativity (I went on to finish a BS degree in biology). I drew in my notebooks and textbooks, even the ones provide by the school and I had to give back! Instead of doing my homework and essays I often drew instead. When I felt overwhelmed with school and life as a teenager and young adult I turned to drawing and that kept me going. I was usually a very good student but it is obvious to me now that my choice of education was probably not the best fit for me, although I do not regret it. Happily I've managed to steer my sails towards creativity as a career now, where I can draw everyday. This makes much more sense!

Live drawing - urchin

I work mostly digitally but my true love is still the feel and look of pencil on paper. I feel most free and creatively open with a pencil in my hand. For a concept artist and illustrator like me having good draftsmanship is crucial. Being a good draftsman however takes loads of discipline and a huge amount of time on focused practicing. I'm still on my long way to mastery, that I may never achieve. As an artist this is the field I want to master most of all and my goal is to improve my line quality, anatomy, perspective and light values. All this so I will be able to draw anything and everything in any way, and that is exactly what I've been most passionate about since I was a kid! I have come a long way, with a long time being lost though, and have a long way to go. It happens that I fall into despair and believe I will never reach my goal. Fortunately this happens rarely and on the whole I am enjoying the journey very much, simply because I love drawing.

Tree sketches

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading it! Until next time, be safe and carry on dreaming ❤



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