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The past few years I've been trying to find a way to put myself in a certain box as an artist. Day to day I work as a concept artist at a game developer and illustrate the occasional children's book. But what kind of artist am I at my core? What is my biggest passion and what are my biggest strengths? What field is 'my field'? Concept art, illustration, children's book illustration...visual development.....fine art? What? This has caused me some confusion and even anxiety at times. I'm worried about not having a specific branding and field as an artist and I'm very aware that branding one self is very importance in the business. Or maybe that is just my own misunderstanding?

My Instagram is where I mostly keep my personal art, my all-kinds-of-stuff. That includes an eclectic mix of doodles, drawings in various stages, experiments with traditional media and an occasional digital piece. Unlike many profiles it's not consistent looking, but more like all over the place.

As a kid I just loved drawing stuff and as a teenager I explored all kinds of media, pastels, oils, acrylics, watercolour, inks, everything I could get my hands on! I still do. After I started my career as a concept artist I've become very interested in the language of design. And then again I am in awe of how illustrators manage to convey stories visually in children's books. I love the tools, the techniques, the colors and the shapes, the language of design, even the plain line! I love it all and I just don't think I'm ready for fitting myself in to a box. Perhaps, as I said earlier, it's all my misunderstanding and maybe there is no professional need for me to fit into a box. Branding oneself maybe doesn't need a box set design?

What I do know for a fact and in a nutshell is:

I really love to draw and paint while creating characters and worlds that spark the audience's imagination.

Check out my eclectic mix of artwork here...

...and thank you for visiting my blog!❤



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