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The wonders of making progress leaps!


We are entering the wonderful holiday season, filled with cheer, cosyness and loads stress of course :D As the year comes to an end its fitting to reflect a bit on ones goals.

In 2013 I decided to leave my former career as a government official and pursue my passion in art. I decided to pursue a diploma in computer arts, focusing on 3D art creation for animation, film and computer games. In the process I also decided to focus on my art techniques. I've always been drawing and painting but in 2015 I decided to focus on advancing my techniques and reach a professional level. Taking it step by step I've studied live drawing, perspective and now most recently color and light.

Over the past two years I've made huge progress through hours and hours of study and work. I've invested courses online and spent a lot of time watching tutorials. My goal has always been to master the fundamentals and be able to draw and paint anything in almost any style, professionally and effectively. This goal will, of coarse, take a lifetime to achieve but over the past months I've made a giant leap towards it. This makes me very happy and supports me in the decision I've made, to be a professional artist.

The three singing mice in the image above are a concept piece I made just yesterday. I'd like to show another piece with a similar concept from only three years back, almost exactly!

This is the extent of digital painting I could manage in the end of 2014! There is a lot you can achieve with three years training and commitment. So now that 2017 is coming to an end I want to say one thing to everyone in doubt (beware of cliches):

- Don't ever quit doing what you feel you need to be doing!

- Don't stop working on your goals, no matter how slow the progress!

- Always believe in your own ability and strength. If you don't no one else will!

I'm truly joyful and grateful for being able to do this!I will not be turning back from this anytime soon! In 2018 you will find me hard at work studying and working to get my freelancing career going:D Wish me luck!

Yours sincerely and happy holidays!


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