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Busy mom...getting on with blogging and some more Victorian characters!

Hi there!

Well I managed to get back here finally :D Blogging regularly seems to take some getting used to....for me at least ha ha! Anyway I've been kind of busy with family life the past weeks, with a lot of school vacations during this time of year. I work from home and we have a very small apartment where me and my husband live with our 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter...and two furry tom cats. They are very energetic (our cildren), in a good way, and I don't get much work done except when they are at school or playing out :D

My regular work day slot ranges from about 8:30 until 14:30 in the shortest, but can stretch until the evening if my husband takes over all family duties! I tend to be very precious and protective about the time I have alone in my "home studio", even sometimes avoiding going out for lunch or to see family or friends....which is kind of sad ha ha! I find the morning, while I am alone and in quiet, best for concepting, sketching and thinking up solutions to problems. However the afternoon and evenings tend to work well for painting, detailing and rendering work or for practicing. I am overly sensitive to too much noise and have problems concentrating with noisy distractions, like talking, around me. I suspect I have some level of ADHD just like my son...and probably my daughter too. Certain kinds of music even sometimes seems to exhaust me. Still I love listening to music and use certain kinds to level up my concentration, including classical and acoustic music. Rachel Portman is among my favorite compositor!

Now for some news of my progress. Some weeks ago I did my Victorian gentlefolk sperm whales and since then I've been working on concepts for more characters in that series! This guy, Otto the unstoppable, has been evolving in my sketchbooks for some weeks now! I finally managed to figure out a layout of him after a lot of pondering:D I'm happy with him now and am moving to the painting stage!! He is a part of a duo, just like the gentlefolk sperm whales, and Otto's very significant other is his thug bookee, Orca :) More about him later....

Until next time! Lets hope it will be within the week :)


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