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A weekend for brushing up on my 3D and a busy family vacation

Hi hi!

I've been slacking on my posts for the past week! A lot going on in family life, all good :) My son turned 11 recently and we held him a big birthday party last weekend....I love birthday parties and family gatherings! My parents, siblings and nieces and nephews always take every opportunity to get together. My parents still live in my childhood town by the sea and going there is such a treat. I love listening to the seabirds and watching the great big sky out there! No mountains, just the sky, sea and the moors....and the wind, lots and lots of wind :)

Last week my two children have been on their Easter vacation from school. Its such a necessary time for them, to get to chill out only playing and enjoying rest and relaxation for a few days. Then there is the family gatherings of course and holiday commitments in the choir I sing in :) So lots of fun and enjoyments these days....and not a lot of drawing or painting done.

We are busy with festivities but, however, I have to brush up on my 3D software skills this weekend. I'm not only a 2D artist, I studied multimedia design which involved learning to create 3D artwork for animation, computer games, film visual effects and motion graphics etc. I specialized in 3D art creation pipelines and am pretty rusty. This weekend will involve some Zbrush, Mari, Maya and Unreal Engine if I can manage it! I hope it goes well :) If all fails however I can be sure to manage all the chocolate that will be flowing around :D

Have a great weekend!


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