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A Cuddly March

For the most part of March I've been focusing on traditional media and drawing a lot. Its actually great to take a break from the computer once in a while. Using traditional media helps me focus better on building basic skill in painting.

So I've worked a lot on my cuddly series by doing a lot of sketching and some finished illustrations. The cuddlies started coming alive in my drawing many years ago. I don't know where they came from...I guess its all about a feeling. When I think about them today its all about caring, empathy, love, joyfulness and sometimes having a little adventure in every day life.

I just found an illustration where the cuddly figure first made an appearance. Its all the way from 1999 and done in watercolors. What do you think?

The first cuddly appearance in my illustration (1999)

This is from when I thought I should be something else than an artist and only did this as a hobby on a rare occasion. Now times have changed fortunately....YEY to that!

Its been a joy getting reacquainted with my cuddlies the past weeks and contemplating a little bit of my emotional journey in my artwork.

Here are some of my most recent cuddlies made this month....they have changed a bit in 18 years don't you think? :)

March cuddlies (2017)

I hope you enjoy these little guys, I believe they are my favorite characters :)

Thank you for looking in!


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